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Project Leads: Drs. Robert Hayward & Mohamed El-Hajj

In 1998, Dr. Robert Hayward established the Center for Health Evidence at the University of Alberta and developed the VIVIDESKTM technology as a computerized knowledge management and decision support system for clinicians. Since then, he has adapted the technology to support several environments, including cardiac care and children's care, and demonstrated the utility of a virtual research community for knowledge management and transfer.

Dr. El-Hajj is a Researcher and Data Architect at the Center for Health Evidence and an expert in data mining techniques. He will build the data warehouse and conduct data analysis.

Project Overview

The outcome of project 2 is to provide high quality context by establishing a virtual research community (VRC) to link team members and NICU staff, develop and deploy customized decision-support tools for clinicians, and evaluate usage of the VRC and CDSs. The VRC will be utilized to facilitate practice changes in Project 3.


1. Development of a virtual research community (VRC)

2. Development of customized decision-support tools based on outcomes of the EPIQ II project

3. Evaluation of access to the VRC and decision support tools as a measure of to what extent knowledge transfer is taking place.

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